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Motorola QA4 Touchscreen Slider Phone

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 7:20 AM

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. - March 30, 2009 - Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today introduced the Motorola ™ QA4 cause, a social inclination of 2.8 "full touch screen that makes always connected. To support a cause different style of messages with a large touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard sliding out traditional keyboard. Adjust the contents of the home screen widgets RSS feeds1 integrated and personalized, and utilize the full browser1 HTML for sharing photos, video and much more in line .

"We understand the importance of having a mobile phone helps you stay connected easily and seamlessly with your friends and family, if you prefer to text or talk on the network," said Mark Shockley, Vice President and manager of the company General Motorola Mobile Devices. "Motorola offers a cutting-edge because of the convenience and excitement of the moment full touchscreen and intuitive browsing online and the ability to stay connected on the run."

Stay connected
Keep in touch through phone calls, messages, web feeds, social networks or all above1 place to suit your preferences. The device offers several ways to make a phone call with the transfer, and intuitive call button on the touch screen functions. Equipped with an accelerometer, in turn, cause one side to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard for easy contact texting1. Home screen icons for messages, instant messaging and predictive text-style messaging1 it easier to follow the back and out of several conversations. Cause also places a premium on clear and easy communication with voice reduction technologies to help reduce background noise in phone calls and Bluetooth ® technology to keep in touch free2 hand.

Stay Smart
Very easy to adjust the rise and that the content is important to you directly to the screen. Use widgets1 integrated access to information in real time, social networking sites, RSS feeds1 and custom web such as weather, the value of sports, stock reports, news headlines and more1. You decide which widgets appear on your home screen and hidden.

Information You are at your fingertips
Use another cause that you are happy with the snap photos and record video. Quick Web connectivity allows you to upload photos and clips taken with your favorite cause to blogs and sharing sites such as Picasa ™ 1.3. Touch screen for quick access to all browser1 HTML quickly and start using the widget with easy to open popular sites like MySpace and YouTube ™ 1.3. Built-in integration with MySpace also allows you to keep tabs on close friend and sent promptly to update your profile in one easy step 1.

Acer A1 Android Cell Phone Coming In September

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 7:36 AM

According to an anonymous executive of Acer, the company is expected to release an Android-based cell sometime in September. Tentatively called the 'A1', this model is one of four that will be released later in the year.

If the laptop to give an indication, expect some high quality, sleekly designed for mobile devices and innovations that come from Google's Android operating system.

Solio Magnesium Solar Charger

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 7:39 AM

How about Eco tombstone? What if every piece of waste that is created is created in front of you? While it is clear that to live in the community at this time to create the waste, the second half of the decade has ecotarianism (which is my word) of the wave and the non-profit basis for the full participation of government and the flow trendyness. Solio has been through a major development in the energy field with a line of hybrid solar energy. Solio Magnesium Edition Charger is the latest iteration in its product lines.

Like previous versions, the Solio Magnesium Edition is the universal force that builds its power from the sun or a wall. Now everything will be fully compatible Igo tip adapters, Solio is capable of literally all your gadgets. Solio Magnesium Edition is equipped with multiple adapters tip and the rest are available on the website Igo. GPS for PDAs and portable game systems, there are tons to choose from.

Fanning out, the windmill, the Solio Magnesium Edition has three solar panels to collect energy. Quick Start Guide which states that in the fully exposed to sunlight Solio fully between 10-12 months and 24-48 in a little sun. Ouch! Living in Portland means that the average 200 days of cloud cover. I think more Solio sales clearly shows the most knowledgeable in the region, as it is a good solar charger, if not Sunday! Benefit for me, I have been blessed with 4 hours in the day so you can get in this Sunday Magnesium Edition.

Four hours in the sun Magnesium Edition 2 of 5 bar of power. Not bad. Type of satisfaction may initially be troubled by not seeing a bar, but not what they can not overcome. Including my own, I charge the battery at full capacity only to feed animals at the TOC in my house. That said, the Solio Magnesium Edition will be the kind of power you need to move away from her for the job. Just leave it somewhere sunny and make free!

Load of the wall is about 4-5 hours to charge the Solio, I have two positions in the iPhone. Quite easy, the Solio Magnesium Edition has a key that designates a high cost and the cost of initiation. Just connect the device and press the button. When the button will flash green to indicate charge in the process. Only other costs can check the level by pressing the flash button then from 1 to 5 times depending on the level of cost. Simple.

Solio Magnesium Edition offers an hour of sun will give twenty-five minutes, talking by phone and an hour in the MP3 music player. So anytime you are in the area lacks electricity, Solio Magnesium Edition will be available to the industry when you can not be human. Solio Magnesium Edition It also saves energy up to one year. In addition, the lithium ion battery lasts 350-500 in total cost of all its entirety. I did not test.

Ideal for camping or outdoor activities, literally any, Solio Magnesium Edition allows afloat by hanging or with a pencil-sized hole through half of the race. Lightweight and small, the Solio Magnesium Edition has a nice feel tangly constructed with plastic and have a water seal at the input and USB power. Definitely not indestructible, they have great ideas for the cover up when exposed to a group Solio Magnesium Edition is folded up.

Where you live will become a factor for consumers as the amount of sunlight is the great effectiveness of this product. Although it would be better to see the sun cost times faster, more complaints to the solar panels in general and not Solio Magnesium Edition Charger. Note that if the other is charging a lot of gadgets, you must set all Igo tips. That would be nice if all tips Igo connected to the office of the keychain or something. Do not come with a bag strap to carry the Solio Magnesium Edition wood for the underpinnings of a pencil. I have my Apple Igo ESC connectors, particularly women, but the USB adapter lets you use the products that Apple has at its disposal. Also in the box is a different world, or to connect the adapters.

No complaints except excessive price Solio Magnesium Edition solar charger is worth to see if you get in his "Apocalypse Gear" collection together. On more than one hundred dollars, can be difficult for some people to choose this as its first solar products. In theory it should never become obsolete and can be used as the sole power. If you think as you may get a high price. You have to become green green! Add Kermit is said that it is green.

The N100 Cooling Pad & N110 Notebook Riser from Logitech

Monday, March 23, 2009 7:23 AM

Jocks, as in the Crotch, is pleased with the latest Logitech, cooling pad N100. In the N100 is a USB power supply fan that cools the bottom of the laptop in silence. I can not help but wonder if this is a rebranded version of some of the cooling pad from China, but I will make the conclusion that if I and my hands when in a. Cooling Pad N100 will be available later this month for $ 29.99.

Logitech also launched a children's book, the N110. A vacuum or a mechanical ventilator, the N110 is intended to increase to a new laptop and hopefully some altitude charlatans who call a business for chiropractors. N110 which will also be available later this month for $ 29.99.

Final Released of Microsoft Explorer 8.0

Friday, March 20, 2009 7:28 AM

Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Windows Internet Explorer 8, a new web browser that provides the best solution for how people use the Web today. It can be downloaded in 25 languages in http://www.microsoft.com/ie8 H. Begins at noon EST on March 19. Internet Explorer 8 easier to use, fast and offers a tip direct response to increased community concerns about online security. A new study commissioned by Microsoft and the National Cyber Security Alliance and conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. shows that 91 percent of adults in the U.S. are concerned about online threats in the current economic climate, and 78 percent more likely to choose a Web browser with built-in security of their two years ago.

"Customers have been clear what they want in a web browser - security, speed and ease of use is higher," said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. "With Internet Explorer 8 will provide a browser that is people to get the information they need quickly, and provide protection that can not be combined with other browsers."

In response to extensive research and input from tens of millions of customer sessions, the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to focus on what matters most to people. Provide protection to security improvements and the emergence of threats to online security. Block is two to four times more malware attacks than other browsers, it reduces the time needed to complete common tasks on the Web, such as search, mapping and distribution, including shipping 15 20 locations around the world and blurs the line between services that use every day, and the browser used to access the Internet.

Helps protect employees from online threats

A new study released today reinforces the importance of security on the web, which shows that 78 percent of people who may be more than two years ago to choose the browser that includes-in protection against security threats online without downloading additional software or browser add-ons. This also shows that 91 percent of adults in the U.S. are concerned about online fraud and identity theft in the current economic climate, and 37 percent less likely to buy online, since they must provide their personal information.

Internet Explorer 8 offers the best security protection between the main browser, a study released today by NSS Labs shows that Internet Explorer 8 blocks of two to four times more dangerous sites, such as another browser on the market.

The task of creating a common line for quick and easy

In addition to improving the security and privacy, Internet Explorer 8 is one of the fastest browser on the market, beating another browser page at a time in almost 50 percent of the top 25 comScore Inc. Site web .* It also helps people save time when using the Web easy to use new features, including:
• Accelerators. Accelerators make it faster and easier to perform common tasks in line by creating a network-based services such as ESPN.com, Live Search and Sina is available for use directly from the page that people see. Users can simply right-click a word or phrase quickly and maps, e-mail, or share.
• Web slices. Iris Web Internet Explorer 8 provides information on your favorite sites such as Digg, Yahoo! Mail, OneRiot, eBay and immediately available anywhere in a walk on the Web.
• Visual search tips. The instant search box in Internet Explorer 8 enables rich, real-time search of the site, such as The New York Times, Amazon.com and Wikipedia, and sites of the people and history favorites, with the image and information to save time.

"We are very excited about Internet Explorer 8 for several reasons, including the ability to provide our customers with product updates using eBay Web slices, so you can track your purchase while you browse the network," said Matt Ackley, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising on the Internet on eBay.

"News on the Web slices ESPN Internet Explorer 8 provides easy access for sports enthusiasts to check news and sports video in a new and interesting way," said Jason Guenther, Vice President of Technology and Development digital media products at ESPN. "We have a legacy of technology to provide the best sports content to fans, and this is one more example of our dedication to it."

Xenium X810, Touchscreen And 1 Month Battery Life from Philips

Thursday, March 19, 2009 7:21 AM

Philips is not holding anything. Included in the release that the dam phone now Xenium X810. This is a touchscreen phone with some kind of touch-sensitive navigation pad. In addition to a 2-inch 240 × 400 screen, you can expect quad-band GSM connectivity with EDGE, 3.2MP camera, media player, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and a month of standby time.

Xenium X810 allegedly hit China first, but do not know much more than that.

ToughDrive Sport HDD From Freecom

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:29 AM

Freecom last disk, the ToughDrive Sport, you may not need much explanation is the same name. Housed in the casing and rubber sport climbing ropes as the USB cable, the ToughDrive can survive falls from up to 6 feet thanks to its internal anti-shock mechanism. ToughDrive is available in capacity 250, 320 and 500 GB and starts at $ 129.

Gameboard G13 by Logitech

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 8:12 AM

Some of you may be unaware the device as a "board". For the uninitiated, is a board meeting on the side of the keyboard that is designed to activate the game better by improving ergonomics and expanded functionality. This is the type of additional functions that can make the difference between the virtual and digital competition to win in gambling losses. The difference between pwner and pwned. Sequenced actions can be activated with a single and hopefully easy to find the key. Move and fire at the same time. Fall from the sky on the enemy and perform complex operations with ease. Sound useful? If you are a player, I can ensure you that. Logitech G13 is the latest entry in the board level, and played with him for the rest, I can say with confidence the most advanced board I've used.

Unique features:

* LCD screen - allows the integrated program displays data in the game in various games and media playback, and system performance.
* Adjust the light color LCD + key
* 25 Programmable buttons
* On-going macro programming

When I pulled the package, the first thing that came to my attention is how HUGE. I think I have to anticipate that, is the size of any extension of the pad with the display outside the last. My desktop is not small, but there are some futzing I need to do to make this play well on the side of my keyboard and mouse. The next step is how I realized the seriousness low profile this the animal. No more thick than usual keyboard, sitting comfortably in the hand rubber Palmrest when used. I am a little disappointed that no Palmrest Cush bit more, but I did not experience any discomfort during use, and may not take place if more padded anyway.

After running the installation CD and plugging in, I was presented with the introduction of flash I ran through the basic configuration characteristics. A few minutes I have set the background color and has been moved from the basic configuration of the board in the G13. I was also disappointed that the color picker's background does not translate well in the color I saw in the G13. Works well with the colors before, and there is enough variety for most people to be okay with the result, but I look for something specific and can not manage to make even close to the orange that has been shot.

Loading games to go, I noted that the buttons are quiet, responsive, and can handle a lot of the same key can be set. In fact, I read somewhere that each 25 Programmable keys can be used at the same time without problems. Given that the average user (including myself), only 5 digits to press this button, I felt it necessary to ask whether there really need to take this limit. I can not verify that it works with 5 buttons at the same time, and honestly, every time something is strong enough to handle 5x conventional dictate what is used, the less likely you will see a failure.

25 Programmable buttons allow flexibility for some serious, and I use the cast I started to realize something: in the case of G13 is not without a lack of flexibility. Main zone keypad has 22 buttons for more than 25 ~ 6 inches x 2 inches, I can not help but get lost again and again. Many of the key means having more options at your fingertips, but the character I say I eat a delicious cake when I mean to spell on the enemy. Not insurmountable, but need to do a little time to get used to if you have a tournament prior to arrival, or to see the "slow" in front of your computer. 3 Programmable buttons near your thumb, including the joystick that works with your thumb on top, while the other four digits of the need to move from its normal position.

Apart from the wide sea button, the ability to program a new macro in March, while in the middle of the game play is very easy to use. This is important if you are the type of creative ideas and a strike in the heart of the intense session. Usually open in the software and make configuration changes, which may change as the G13 macro keys ponche program created in the macro, and can use it immediately. A very good job, even if not used regularly.

As far as the LCD screen is concerned, this is why some people want to upgrade from what they are using now. In World of Warcraft, for example, there is customary to display the statistics show the area your character or PVP without having to open the screen in the game itself. Other program that can display metadata including a reproduction of the mp3 jukebox. People are supported, but I will check first if you use something less common. My biggest complaint with the implementation of the media is the lack of documentation on the function. For some reason I feel like I should be able to skip tracks or play / pause tracks without looking at the players themselves, not only because the data tell me one way or the other! I suffered through some can find a place in the network that the application was never intended to do, but can not take from the playlist in order. At least now I can call 'Africa' by Juan Carlos at the press of the button. Better than nothing, right?

I would say the coolness factor alone is worth the price of entry, compared with competing products, but additional functions of this forum is for all types of players from the immersion experience more secure. Carpal tunnel has not yet been rejected by several more years!


* LCD screen with enhanced applications, including life
* Nice quiet key
Insanely easy to program *


* Easy to get lost in the sea the key ...
* There is no media control transportation! WTF!
* The color selector is not useful, unless you choose one of preset
* Bulk

Tiny HD Camcorder, The HMX-R10 from Samsung

Monday, March 16, 2009 8:11 AM

Full HD camcorder only get a little clearer and more likely to have a particular company, who will be happy to reach this "world firsts" in front of other people ...

To comply Samsung HMX-R10 ', the world's smallest HD camcorder 1080p/Full action is only 130 x 38 x 58mm and weighs only 229g - little more than a compact camera. The size and resolution of R10 is not just tricks, but since Samsung has managed to put a sensor in the 9MP Stills (12MP by interpolation), with a 5x optical zoom and a 2.7in touchscreen display lid. As expected, the flash memory storage method of choice, but the lifting of the eyebrow smarter (and my experience has never happened before) the factors that form the lens in the 25-degree angle to the camcorder grip more comfortable.

A luxury to have in the mini camcorder market, the HMW-R10 is equipped with a good appearance to take on opponents much larger, at least on paper. We will not have to wait long to know how it is maintained better with the Samsung R10 states appear as soon as next month.

Newest Lithium Battery Technology : Charge Cell Phones in 10 seconds

Friday, March 13, 2009 8:49 AM

A lithium battery technology breakthrough could potentially lead to the battery in just ten seconds. This amazing technology will be nothing less than revolutionary, which enables a host of new applications and even change the way we do things.

Will be the last day of the absence of cellular energy. Will be the last day of gasoline, the car, replaced by the almost infinite variety of electric vehicles. And no other limitations on the battery technology? Poof * all *.

Too good to be true? Perhaps because of the limited resources of our grid. Battery, as you can imagine, a number of energy suck. In 10 seconds, the phone battery 1Wh based on the 360W of power while the battery electric vehicle will attract 180 Freakin 'kW in 5 minutes!


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