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First Wireless 16GB Flash Drive in the world, from Leyio

Saturday, April 25, 2009 7:30 AM

Flash drive, thumb drive - whatever you want to call them in any way that has now become a person with a pen, gift bags, and almost anywhere you go. The only problem is that you need a computer to share its contents.

Leyio industry is the first flash unit that uses UWB, also known as Ultra Wide Band for the exchange of content is stored. They walk Leyio distance from others and you can transfer files up to 10Mbps. Integrated into the basic unit is a 2GB flash drive interesting content from the computer or share files with non Leyio. To ensure maximum security in Leyio has a fingerprint scanner also acts as a touch pad navigation and battery at a reported cost of 1 month.

I love the idea seriously and I applaud your maker, but my gut tells Leyio that will not be successful. Not because it cost $ 230, but as UWB has not been integrated into any device and even with the release of Bluetooth 3.0, which promises high-speed transfer driving range WiFi, it is safe to wear a mask as possible so that many occur UWB shared.


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