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FR-1000 VoiceLink Radio from ETON

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 7:35 AM

Since the economic collapse, play and listen to Joe Rogan 3 Rain routine run, I am interested in reviewing what I'd like to call "Gear Apocalypse." The first time I saw an Eton radio is in the last days in 2009 Ces and I like the aesthetic that is very practical and can be accessed from different functions. FR-1000 that seems to be ship's FR series and is the only one with GMRS. Here is a quick summary of the FR-1000 features:

* 2-Way GMRS Clock Radio (General Mobile Radio Service) w / VoiceLink Communication
* NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
* Some of the energy source (4x AA batteries, active, internal battery Nimh, HandCrank)
* AM / FM / alarm clock
* Lights w / SOS Beacon
* Emergency Siren
* Water Resistance "
* Microphone and headphone jack
* Cell Phone Charger
Green Backlit LCD *

In fact, many functions. In short, Shortwave radio GMRS formal style is used and requires a license from the FCC $ 85. While most people use is not going GMRS license from the FCC, are required to use a particular channel and stay away from other people. I tried to find people in the GMRS in Portland, Oregon, and northern Virginia and are not lucky, no one with 22 channels several times during the scan channel I. If you have someone to talk to more specific GMRS can use one of 121 to maintain the confidentiality of the code is between you. I have a microphone to speak with anyone there and the input jack should I plug in a microphone headset. GMRS useful for camping or large group communication on construction sites and places like city hall. And of course the inspiration for, all people will have then.

NOAA works better and can use 1 of the 7 channels to find the local weather forecast. Reception is feasible in both the beach, but sometimes requires adaptation of the handheld antenna to hear some static free. AM and FM radio with up to several treatments to get a clear signal. I think it is weak then there is no way to save the radio station as thumbing through the small bore akan can add each time. The volume up high but not too high. Speaker does not change when the volume and crank to be working just outside the pervading sound.

6 LED flashlight shining beacon bleeps and an SOS signal in Morse code with a red LED. Not an emergency reaction, but control the time when I ordered. Woman who is loud and blaringly is one voice that you know that hate and want to close soon.

EtonFR1000 2

FR-1000 is very cool and will surely be taken and see it. Ergonomic design enough to guess why they chose to handle the strange way in the back of the radio from the top. Design a simple, easy to use, function, and the buttons and knobs feel good. Meanwhile, a microphone, headphones, AC, phone and all entries are rubber stamps, just below this, really unshielded battery only a little more water resistant and not waterproof.

My main complaint is the region that the internal battery is pretty bad. Lost load fast enough and no more than two hours without a die on you. Also, after you die, you lose time, so you should always restart the hour. My 1st generation using AA iHome time to show for a long time, even days. 4 AA last longer so little good. Crank that will save the day, at some point, but it requires a large number of crankage work for more than a few minutes. This is fully working at the time of despair, but if you do not need it, do not bother. I do not know why FR-1000 is void from the solar panel as the rest of the Eton FR Series, and will give a positive light on the battery is weak. LCD, while the neon green, and ask you to look to the future to see clearly. This does not happen when the lights turned off.

What will grind most people is that art does not get the appropriate cell from the power adapter. You have to ask after the fact, whether online or included with the cards that require you to create and define the model of your phone. Although this approach is undoubtedly eco, at this time most of the direct customer satisfaction does not have to wait your turn around time to the adapter. So I never tried to charge my phone, but I imagine if you lost in the forest that it started a minute until the heat got the juice needed to make a distress call. And what if we must.

I see the Eton FR-1000 Radio VoiceLink to be a good choice for campers who use the camping unit, because it is too big and heavy for trips to the campers to your site. Eton offers a small radio for the situation. Exceed the limitations of batteries, FR-1000 will be available to you when you need to do.



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