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Call Of Duty : World at War ( Xbox 360 Game Review )

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 9:34 PM

Some years ago I shot a bit (pun intended) and buy an Xbox 360. Main driving force behind the purchase of COD4. The game rocked my socks to play with very good and not all online multiplayer issued repeated most players only dream of. When I received an email offering me a promotion copy (Disclaimer: I do not need to return a game) for the revision COD5 jumped on the opportunity.

COD5, or Call of Duty: World at War is in the final years of World War II. Throughout the game you will alternate between red and U. S. Army during the campaign. In both cases, you are a private education, although not binding, a senior official. That emissions of CO, or commander in the military from the United States is Kiefer Sutherland. Those who are familiar with the 24-series will enjoy its rural barytone. Russian commander played by none other than Gary Oldman. Unfortunately, the voices are not clear with the mask, a Russian accent.

Let me start with the complaint. Like COD4, who play in a "wire" or specify how. To forget that you can jump over or through the enemy flank or Barbwire when the enemy is not built in the dashboard design. I have experienced this frustration in the second series of meetings, especially when viewing the target (or ammunition dump), only feet away.

In COD5, you play with the AI team. Sometimes they help you in the mission, but most become useless, if not a hindrance. For example, if placed in a corner between a number of sandbags and a wall, your computer may be on the side and in the box If you do not have to switch back to where you can "stick" and have to really commit suicide game.

Disappointment of the game is a redundancy. Yes, the very nature of video games this is true, but the most significant because of variations in the COD5 entertainment. Sometimes the game moving right along and entertains with a variety of "cinema" as a scenario. On the other times the speed of the game to slow large extent due to 'kill and advance format. "If you stay in the locked position, while killing the enemy, that still only come - lame.

There is nothing better than a game with blood and gore, and let me tell you, is COD5. The explosive nature of the waste and the blood varies depending on the munition. In accordance with the Tommy gun and watching the enemies splattered pieces. Line Nazis in their sniper and you will see a body without a head, hit the ground.

Experience does not stop in the blood and gore. Various weapons, realistic and comprehensive set of audio is a fantastic mix only enhance the game's immersion.

Some notables include table and ascended to ditch the plane. Boarding an aircraft in places where the back of the plane to move between the aircraft weapons. Although you are not voluntary disarmament of the gun, still fun to fire weapons other than the pistol or machine gun. Trench against the Japanese board of pit falls. Fortunately, equipped with a Flamethrower, allows you to delete a large number of enemies and shoot compared to the amount that is not limited firey fuel.
And the type is not COD5 multiplayer FPS. Games take a right where he left COD4. The theatrical variety, design and offer a great atmosphere and world war almost U.S. cents in view of the increased value of reproduction. Also added is the ability to play the game in the cooperation mode. Unfortunately, my Xbox box representation (ie a list of friends) is very small I do not have the opportunity to test this.

I must confess that I make a mistake when reviewing COD: World at War. I set the difficulty of 'more'. As a result, I grew increasingly frustrated with the game, especially at the last meeting against the Nazis, which is left in the building. If you do not follow the way that you killed in seconds. To add to the frustration in the back board down a set of stairs and facing the wrong direction. That said, I have heard that just under half of this configuration is not more than 4 or 5 hours depending on the fitness to play for FPS.

At the end of the day, or of war, COD: World at War is just a game killer. The action quickly, even if sometimes excessive, and the added advantage of movie star voice can really carry the film as a realistic sense. Do not take a copy of the war in the world is a blasphemy, every fan should play this COD, but it is not only a place to copy your Xbox hard drive.


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