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F200EXR, A100 and A150 compact cameras from FUJIFILM

Thursday, February 05, 2009 6:56 PM

Three new compacts on the market for Fujifilm, but for obvious reasons, we are more interested in the F200EXR Finepix A150 and A100.

Why? Simple - F200EXR is the first company to feature EXR processors, offering quality images and three-mode, high resolution, high sensitivity and very low noise and dynamic range mode. First use the entire space 12 million pixels it is difficult to capture the image, both to ensure the perfect low light or in darkness, while the third uses a different exposure, which in turn combine to offer a high level of detail. Think F200EXR of three in one camera, if desired. However, all prices are compact.

And if this is not enough, you can also add a 5x optical zoom, face detection now, red-eye removal, dual image stabilization, a 3-inch high resolution screen, which most of the scene mode, HD output and film simulation mode if you want to change the image from the days of old. Should be here this month, there is no price, but he expects to enter the premium.

After that, it is difficult to get a head of steam for the A100 and A150, entry-level 10 megapixel model with 3x optical zoom, face detection, image stabilization (for hands that are not stable) many scene modes and 30fps video. All the newbies can not ask for and more. So why the name of a different model? Well, the A150 packs a 3-inch screen, compared with a 2.7-inch screen on the A100. Yes, we are all surprised, too. Also launched in February, is cheaper to wait that long.



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