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Wasabi PZ310, Ultramobile Photo Printer from Dell

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 9:15 AM

It is a Great World. Be known.

Do not just take pictures, then bring them to life Wasabi. Instead of waiting for memories to share, print in the right place for everyone to see. And do not stop there. With the adhesive backing on the Zero InkTM paper, your photos can be more than one album. So, go ahead, unleash your creativity art simply snapping a pic. Where are your photos?

Express Yourself

Find creative side with a little help from Wasabi. With the backing adhesive on each role InkTM Zero images, can be expressed in all kinds of new ways. All images come to life, but until you put in the final. Wasabi also available in three color options. His life, the possibilities are endless.

Designed to Move

Wherever you travel, Wasabi is their right. Lightweight and compact, this party pocket with room to spare. Complicated and no drivers to install or upgrade the software. Simply charge the battery and Wasabi's go!

Need No ink. Not Even a Single Drop

With Wasabi, the ink is very yesterday. ZINKTM Zero InkTM life gives each photo in the color, placing Amorphochromatic ™ crystals in the paper requires InkTM Zero paper. It's not magic, but we can say that.

Intuitive Thinking

Do not read minds, but the Wasabi will warn you with a "happy" or "sad" when the low battery indicator light icons or higher. Want to print more than one person the same? With a touch of a reprint, you want Wasabi is a command.

Wasabi also can connect wirelessly to your camera phone or a computer with Bluetooth ® technology. If you do not like to attack, you can print via a USB connection from a PictBridge digital camera.

Simple Service

The replacement of paper photo frames online and we will give to you. Wasabi built to last and equipped with a 1-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty.1 have the option to purchase an extended warranty that you can help protect both for an additional 2 or 3 years. Finally, put the Dell forums with other users to exchange tips and ideas.



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