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LG Versa VX9600 with Modular Keyboard

Friday, February 20, 2009 9:18 AM

I swear that the LG VX9600 Versa will be UNLEASHED in the MWC this sunday, before the official photos leaked yesterday. Because alleged that the phone also has a modular system that contains a complement of accessories from the game beyond the keyboard and cumbersome to use. I mean really, to play the game or delete the email with the form factor at the top. Specifications for the soon to be obsolete handset includes 3-inch 240 × 480 touchscreen, web browser, Bluetooth, media player, headphone output 2.5 mm (LOL), microSD card slot and 2MP camera.

Versa LG hit the Verizon store on March 1 for $ 200 after 2 year contract and suck blood. The snap-ins, at least not the game will not be included and will cost $ 30.

QA4 - Touchscreen Phone,Slideout Keypad from Motorola

Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:35 AM

There is no doubt in my mind that here QA4 Motorola (Motorola QA4 or Halo) requires a queue Motosurf are announced. Unlike surfing, however, that covers all QA4 slide out keyboard. Feature set is approximately 2.8 inches 240 × 480 touchscreen, accelerometer, and CDMA / EV-DO connection.

No word on price or launch date, but given the configuration of CDMA can deny AT & T or T-Mobile on the phone line.

Waterproof Point & Shoot, FinePix Z33WP from Fujifilm

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 9:03 AM

Fujifilm will release the water point and shoot camera Finepix Z33WP next month. 10-megapixel "Proof of Life" this camera is available in three different color patterns including black, green or pink. May Z33WP submerged to a depth of 10 feet. Unfortunately, it is not shock proof. Cool features include 3x optical zoom, Face Detection Technology, automatic red-eye removal, SR Auto (automatic scene) and how to blog, which automatically resizes images to 640 × 480. You can buy Z33WP next month for $ 200. Its rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides enough juice for up to 200 shots.

Waterproof MP3 Player from Dolphin

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 8:45 AM

This new MP3 player called the waterproof TOUCH NU Dolphin is great for a little music, while the pool pump. Guaranteed to be working while you swim, the Waterproof MP3 Player pump while doing outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, diving, spa, hiking, fishing, jogging and cycling. Hardware that is not too good and shaby TOUCH NU Dolphin has 4 GB NAND Flash memory that allows you to play MP3/WMA and 960songs embedded FM radio. It is also equipped with air headphones, USB cable, clip, clamp bands, armband and cleaning cloth from the disk. No word yet on price.

ModBook from Axiotron

Monday, February 16, 2009 8:51 AM

Axiotron, the people who brought us in the form of a tablet Macbook touch, which have Modbook for update in 2009. Apple OS X, is now more fluid, more batteries, more efficient sleep mode, and Bluetooth to pair a full external keyboard or mouse. They have upped the anty on the cover and add QuadCoat finish - used by the automotive industry - to protect the strong but light magnesium top shell, while reducing the weight to 5.3 pounds. Axiotron has also been improved so that the touch screen is better response and contrast ratio. Finally, improved GPS, they now have a quick solution and outside the living room.

LUXE, RAGA and Spark, 3 New Mp3 Player from Philips

Sunday, February 15, 2009 8:14 PM

We know that at CES this year Philips passed , so no wonder they have a product to banish the rush. RAGA announced today, and the Spark also the Luxe. Luxe is the age of news, add the stock RAGA MP3 player with 27 hour battery life, capacity 2 GB or 4 GB, and cost $ 35 and $ 45 each. Spark brings more to the table with a 1.5-inch OLED screen and it seems like such as the ability RAGA but $ 50 and $ 60 fee. The Luxe, which was announced in October is 2GB or 4GB MP3 player that pairs with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and allows calls to be answered without changing their phone. Luxe spark well and will work with Rhapsody and full sound including Philips' EQ, whatever. Spark and RAGA available now, while the Luxe hit store shelves in January.

Infineon XPOSYS, World’s Smallest GPS Chip from Epson

Saturday, February 14, 2009 8:14 AM

Epson has debuted at the world smaller assisted GPS chip, which is Infineon XPOSYS. Measurements tiny 2.8 x 2.9 millimeters, Infineon XPOSYS is 25 percent smaller than the other assisted GPS chip, while halving the power consumption according to Epson. Chip is also more sensitive in recent Infineon chips, allows a precise location fix indoors. XPOSYS scheduled for mass production in late 2009, which is expected to ship in the mobile phone next year.

Blue Earth, Full Touch and Solar Powered Phone from Samsung

Friday, February 13, 2009 8:08 AM

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today unveiled an innovative solar full touch screen phone "Blue Earth", along with Samsung's vision for environmental sustainability. Under the motto: "Dream Blue Earth: Eco-living with Samsung Mobile, Samsung to strengthen its commitment to protect the environment through green product design and program activities for clients. This will be on display at the Mobile World Congress 2009 for the first time.

Designed to symbolize the light of the average, well rounded pebbles, Tierra Azul is the first solar-powered phone's full touchscreen. To load with a solar panel on the back of the phone, users can generate enough power for any electronics at any time.

Blue Earth is made from recycled plastic which is called PCM, which is taken from water bottles, helping reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions in the production process. Device, including the sender, free from harmful substances such as brominated flame retardants, phthalates and beryllium.

Latest in a series of products, Blue Earth comes with a user interface that is designed to draw attention to the preservation of our fragile environment. Easy to set the screen brightness, backlight time, and Bluetooth for energy, this new user, allowing users to become energy efficient by pressing the "Eco Mode". Through the "Eco-walk 'function the user can measure your steps on the pedometer built-in calculating the amount of CO2 emissions that have been reduced by one foot, compared with the transport vehicle. This unique feature allows the user to calculate the value marked by the number of trees that have been saved .

Blue Earth's packaging is designed for small and lightweight, made of recycled paper and comes with a 5-star efficiency of energy use that energy that is lower than 0.03W. As part of the voluntary agreement of the European Commission IPP (IPP) pilot program, Samsung is committed to start using the rating on the energy consumption in the no-load power from the phone.

Samsung Blue Dream Land 'small but shows our commitment important for the future and our environment, "said Mr. JK Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Mobile Communication Division of Samsung Electronics." We are committed to achieve the highest ecological status with customers and business partners, provide the best promotions and products of economic activity. "

Get in touch with Samsung! Learn more about "Earth Blue Dream" and other environmental initiatives in www.samsungmwc.com (Site will open on February 16) and visit us at Hall 8, Stand 8a139 in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

About Blue Earth Dream
Dream Blue Earth convey hope and set goals for development and growth of living. With increasing environmental awareness, Samsung is developing ways to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy in every phase of product life cycle as an effective response to climate change. Milestones have been launched to remove harmful substances from mobile phones and packaging will be designed from materials recycling. Samsung encourage customers to recycle mobile phones in particular a growing number of take-back points in the world.

The gScreen Laptop, Dual Screen for Your Pleasure

Thursday, February 12, 2009 10:18 AM

GScreen portable laptop is one of justification - the first, justifies a double take. Any addition, this is real? On the basis of a single image on your site, it seems as if the match between two opponents on the screen is 15.4 inches at the top of one another and sliding in the opposite direction to form a giant screen of the reports that the company has more than 28-inches wide. GScreen that can be configured in different ways, with options for Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz T9600 or P8400 Processor 2.26GHZ, 4-8 GB of RAM, 160GB, 500GB 7200rpm hard drive, NVIDIA Quadro FX GeForce 2700m graphics or both 9800M GT with 512MB of dedicated memory, and 6 or 9-cell battery. Inputs including 6x USB 2.0 ports, view ports, Ethernet, Firewire, and audio. Surprisingly, the machine weighs only 7.7 pounds.

You can store a Preordenes in the Amazon begin February 25.

Wasabi PZ310, Ultramobile Photo Printer from Dell

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 9:15 AM

It is a Great World. Be known.

Do not just take pictures, then bring them to life Wasabi. Instead of waiting for memories to share, print in the right place for everyone to see. And do not stop there. With the adhesive backing on the Zero InkTM paper, your photos can be more than one album. So, go ahead, unleash your creativity art simply snapping a pic. Where are your photos?

Express Yourself

Find creative side with a little help from Wasabi. With the backing adhesive on each role InkTM Zero images, can be expressed in all kinds of new ways. All images come to life, but until you put in the final. Wasabi also available in three color options. His life, the possibilities are endless.

Designed to Move

Wherever you travel, Wasabi is their right. Lightweight and compact, this party pocket with room to spare. Complicated and no drivers to install or upgrade the software. Simply charge the battery and Wasabi's go!

Need No ink. Not Even a Single Drop

With Wasabi, the ink is very yesterday. ZINKTM Zero InkTM life gives each photo in the color, placing Amorphochromatic ™ crystals in the paper requires InkTM Zero paper. It's not magic, but we can say that.

Intuitive Thinking

Do not read minds, but the Wasabi will warn you with a "happy" or "sad" when the low battery indicator light icons or higher. Want to print more than one person the same? With a touch of a reprint, you want Wasabi is a command.

Wasabi also can connect wirelessly to your camera phone or a computer with Bluetooth ® technology. If you do not like to attack, you can print via a USB connection from a PictBridge digital camera.

Simple Service

The replacement of paper photo frames online and we will give to you. Wasabi built to last and equipped with a 1-Year Advanced Exchange Warranty.1 have the option to purchase an extended warranty that you can help protect both for an additional 2 or 3 years. Finally, put the Dell forums with other users to exchange tips and ideas.

Sony Ericsson Hikaru Walkman Phone (8MP Camera)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 8:57 AM

Hikaru already leaks. As you know this table is impressive mark Hikaru Walkman slider phone with a metal housing. Hikaru is the high end and high-end features Gain: 2.6" screen, 8-MP camera, 8GB of memory, Walkman 4.0 player, 3.5mm jack, stereo speakers and special music buttons on right side. This phone will be announced on February 15 (MWC 2009) and will be released at the end of Q2.

LG KM900 Touchscreen, the Next iPhone Competitor?

Monday, February 09, 2009 9:04 AM

May not be justified to call this photo a headset - officially known as KM900 - LG "filtering". Why? Because the company is putting the image in high Rez your own blog to "harass" us. Fortunately, I have scrapped some photos, and based on how the UI seems to be suitable for the LG game long dispute with Apple. Therefore, you are really not seen too many details, but we know the WiFi, touch screen, a front camera, dedicated call buttons and crescent-shaped wheel navigation.

Samsung M7600 Phone (Bang & Olufsen Amplifier Inside )

Sunday, February 08, 2009 11:22 AM

Leakage and Sunday just keep flowing. What we have here is the Samsung M7600. Leaving aside the minor user interface, a telephone, which has a very close resemblance to the Helio Ocean, including the 2.8-inch Grinding, touchscreen, media player, 3MP camera, and some additional features that not only expect a DJ scratching a few kinds of audio and support for Bang and Olufsen. The phone is expected in May, but like others, have seen the leak on Sunday may be seen at the Mobile World Congress.

Nokia E75, Awaiting Launching Periode

Saturday, February 07, 2009 11:26 AM

In September 2008, wrote about a couple of E series of devices that have been filtered in a campaign video. E72, although it has been announced as the E73, which aims at the mass market audience, the E75 is still elusive. But you know the drill. When apparently legitimate images start to appear on the web, only you know about the official announcement corner. This time, the leaked pictures on the website of Vietnam.

Specifications will see a 3.2 megapixel camera, 2.4 inch QVGA screen, 3.5mm audio jack, expansion slot for microSD card, and a host of connectivity options including Wi-Fi and assisted GPS.

As HTC S740, the E75 will have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, in addition to the standard numeric keypad. Word, if the phone does not see the light of day, but we suspect we will not have to wait too long. Annual Mobile World Congress just two weeks after Nokia and we make some announcements. Meanwhile, let's keep our fingers crossed here.

t=v1+v2, How to Increase Visitor Traffic and Web Popularity with Quick and Easy Way

Friday, February 06, 2009 9:39 PM

When you read the title of this post you may be confused, what is the formula t = vi + v2, and what is the relationship with traffic link, this is also happening with me when I first read one of my friend’s post, but when I read it I understand his posting finally and I found that the formula t = V1 + v2 is also make sense, please read this post up so that you will be more understanding.

------------------------------------Copy start here---------------------------------------------

Please read carefully then apply correctly ....

A philosophy says "Honesty is the Best Policy (Honesty is the political / best strategy)," is what we will prove .... whether honesty concept we can use to generate traffic and more intense popularity beyond the concept of complex expert webmaster or SEO expert ..?... I believe we will achieve that goal if this concept is running properly ..., and if this concept is applying in your web according to the rules, by then:
-Your Web will be swamped with huge traffic visitors day by day, without fuss or tired of the SEO campaign to a lot of web in the internet world.
-Your Web will be flooded huge backlink day by day, without fuss hunt link to a lot of web in the internet world.

If Albert Einstein use the equation E = mc2 to combine mass potential and speed of light to create extreme nuclear energy , then we will use equation = V1 + V2 to combine my web potential and your web potential to generate extreme web traffic and popularity also .

If Einstein use atom plutonium and uranium to make nuclear bombs, then we use the Honesty and accuracy to make a bomb of this traffic and popularity concept.

What do you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Create a post articles as I post this, or copy-paste this post from Copy start here until Copy Finish, and also be entitled: t = V1 + v2, How to increase traffic and popularity quickly and naturally.

2. Copy or make the next powerful sentence existing under the number 3 plug at this website on your part to section that most easily seen by visitor, for example at the top of the sidebar

3. Move or change a link or the url address post (here-1) with your url address, and (here-2) with my URL address post,to find out url address of the post that I make and that you make is to click the title / post title than we make this copy of the address bar.

Next is the post of "powerful sentence" you need to install in your web part (after the change in the url link to its corresponding provisions of the above)

"Want to increase visitor traffic and your web popularity quickly and unlimited ...? Let me ..., I'll do it for you FREE ...!.. Click here-1 and here-2"

-So after the powerful sentence is put on the your web then : if a visitor click the link here-1 he will directly to your link post, and if he click here-2 will directly link to my post ... and this is just keep going unbreakable chain link.

4. Finish, prepare tracker counter and link checker for example sitemeter and Technorati to see a flood of traffic and your web backlink

What is t = V1 + t2 ...?
t: Number of traffic that will be you get on your web in a day
V1: The number of visitors to your web in a day
v2: Number of visitors of the V1 (a visitor from your web visitors) in a day.

For example, my web or your website in one day have an average of 50 visitors .., and all of this we apply the concept (powerful sentences) correctly, and that 50 people from each of 50 people also have visitors from his blog , then the web we will visit in a 50 plus 50 x 50 people on that day = 2550, and will also likely continue to increase day by day, because every day there are always new visitors in the internet world, each day also have a new blogger, or web internet in the world ... PROVE IT!

For example, our web visitors have 50 people in a day, and everyone implement this concept, then in the web that day you will get 100 linkback to your website, a link on Powerful sentence and a link on the link in my multiply 50. and will likely continue to increase day by day ....

Why the need to create links and link your link on my post ...?
... this is to maintain our link eternity, because as we get more links in the post less likely erased ....

Can we do not fair or not fair sabotage this concept, for example, "remove all links of origin" and fill in the web / blogs we own ...? .... Yes, and this concept will not prove to be a maximum of Honesty is a strategy / political answer ..... But I believe that we all want to throw themselves credibility by making such action cheap ...

--------------------------------------------Copy Finish-----------------------------------------

Well, what do you think about this formula? Go ahead and practice on your blog and hope that this strategy is successful

Aspire One AOD150-1165 10.1-Inch Netbook, available at Amazon Pre Order

7:56 AM

It seems that Acer is almost ready to launch its Aspire One 10 inch different in the United States. Amazon has been approved as an Aspire One AOD150-1165 10.1-inch NETBOOK and can now be preordered for $ 350. Specifications include 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 160GB HDD, XP Home, 6-cell battery, Intel GMA 950, webcam, 3x USB 2.0 ports, WiFi b / g, 2.95 pounds, the reader media card and 10.1-inch LCD.

F200EXR, A100 and A150 compact cameras from FUJIFILM

Thursday, February 05, 2009 6:56 PM

Three new compacts on the market for Fujifilm, but for obvious reasons, we are more interested in the F200EXR Finepix A150 and A100.

Why? Simple - F200EXR is the first company to feature EXR processors, offering quality images and three-mode, high resolution, high sensitivity and very low noise and dynamic range mode. First use the entire space 12 million pixels it is difficult to capture the image, both to ensure the perfect low light or in darkness, while the third uses a different exposure, which in turn combine to offer a high level of detail. Think F200EXR of three in one camera, if desired. However, all prices are compact.

And if this is not enough, you can also add a 5x optical zoom, face detection now, red-eye removal, dual image stabilization, a 3-inch high resolution screen, which most of the scene mode, HD output and film simulation mode if you want to change the image from the days of old. Should be here this month, there is no price, but he expects to enter the premium.

After that, it is difficult to get a head of steam for the A100 and A150, entry-level 10 megapixel model with 3x optical zoom, face detection, image stabilization (for hands that are not stable) many scene modes and 30fps video. All the newbies can not ask for and more. So why the name of a different model? Well, the A150 packs a 3-inch screen, compared with a 2.7-inch screen on the A100. Yes, we are all surprised, too. Also launched in February, is cheaper to wait that long.

Coolpix P90, 12.1Mp with Vari-Angle LCD and Advanced Shooting Mode from NIKON

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 9:55 PM

Nikon Corporation pleased to announce the introduction of the Coolpix P90, a new compact digital camera models that offer long range, wide-angle coverage, the ease of intuitive photo features, and exceptional performance. In cooperation with the precision of the optical Nikkor lens and image quality benefits of innovative EXPE Nikon digital image processing concept, the Coolpix P90 to a more flexible and fun to the art of capturing moments.
New 24x Zoom-Nikkor objective of the Coolpix P90 includes a wide range of 26mm wide-angle approach to super telephoto 624mm (35mm format equivalent). Optical clarity, which combines precision with 12.1 effective megapixels of sharp resolution and advanced Nikon for digital image processing and accurate reproduction of fine details of the call, and to maintain the image quality when taking advantage of the expansion of the configuration light sensitivity as high as ISO 6400 * 1. Image sensor shift VR image stabilization adds extra care that the result clearly and Underhanded.

Further expand the potential as a versatile image, Coolpix P90 incorporates a new 3-in. High resolution variable-angle LCD, with anti-reflection coating that can be tilted 90 degrees up or down to 45 degrees. This allows photographers to shoot from the point of view or greater than the hip, and to use higher and reach the range of 24x zoom.

Ergonomics finely control where you can simplify and speed camera working. For example, the mode dial provides quick access to the rich creative possibilities offered by advanced Programmed Auto [P], Shutter Priority Auto [S], Aperture Priority Auto [A] and Manual [M] exposure modes, and two user settings (U1/U2). Maintenance of the photographers before the action, so continuing the sport adds the flexibility of shooting up to 45 consecutive images at 15 fps * 2. And, it offers a new option of pre-shot that allows the cache recording up to 10 frames immediately before releasing the shutter.

Call Of Duty : World at War ( Xbox 360 Game Review )

Tuesday, February 03, 2009 9:34 PM

Some years ago I shot a bit (pun intended) and buy an Xbox 360. Main driving force behind the purchase of COD4. The game rocked my socks to play with very good and not all online multiplayer issued repeated most players only dream of. When I received an email offering me a promotion copy (Disclaimer: I do not need to return a game) for the revision COD5 jumped on the opportunity.

COD5, or Call of Duty: World at War is in the final years of World War II. Throughout the game you will alternate between red and U. S. Army during the campaign. In both cases, you are a private education, although not binding, a senior official. That emissions of CO, or commander in the military from the United States is Kiefer Sutherland. Those who are familiar with the 24-series will enjoy its rural barytone. Russian commander played by none other than Gary Oldman. Unfortunately, the voices are not clear with the mask, a Russian accent.

Let me start with the complaint. Like COD4, who play in a "wire" or specify how. To forget that you can jump over or through the enemy flank or Barbwire when the enemy is not built in the dashboard design. I have experienced this frustration in the second series of meetings, especially when viewing the target (or ammunition dump), only feet away.

In COD5, you play with the AI team. Sometimes they help you in the mission, but most become useless, if not a hindrance. For example, if placed in a corner between a number of sandbags and a wall, your computer may be on the side and in the box If you do not have to switch back to where you can "stick" and have to really commit suicide game.

Disappointment of the game is a redundancy. Yes, the very nature of video games this is true, but the most significant because of variations in the COD5 entertainment. Sometimes the game moving right along and entertains with a variety of "cinema" as a scenario. On the other times the speed of the game to slow large extent due to 'kill and advance format. "If you stay in the locked position, while killing the enemy, that still only come - lame.

There is nothing better than a game with blood and gore, and let me tell you, is COD5. The explosive nature of the waste and the blood varies depending on the munition. In accordance with the Tommy gun and watching the enemies splattered pieces. Line Nazis in their sniper and you will see a body without a head, hit the ground.

Experience does not stop in the blood and gore. Various weapons, realistic and comprehensive set of audio is a fantastic mix only enhance the game's immersion.

Some notables include table and ascended to ditch the plane. Boarding an aircraft in places where the back of the plane to move between the aircraft weapons. Although you are not voluntary disarmament of the gun, still fun to fire weapons other than the pistol or machine gun. Trench against the Japanese board of pit falls. Fortunately, equipped with a Flamethrower, allows you to delete a large number of enemies and shoot compared to the amount that is not limited firey fuel.
And the type is not COD5 multiplayer FPS. Games take a right where he left COD4. The theatrical variety, design and offer a great atmosphere and world war almost U.S. cents in view of the increased value of reproduction. Also added is the ability to play the game in the cooperation mode. Unfortunately, my Xbox box representation (ie a list of friends) is very small I do not have the opportunity to test this.

I must confess that I make a mistake when reviewing COD: World at War. I set the difficulty of 'more'. As a result, I grew increasingly frustrated with the game, especially at the last meeting against the Nazis, which is left in the building. If you do not follow the way that you killed in seconds. To add to the frustration in the back board down a set of stairs and facing the wrong direction. That said, I have heard that just under half of this configuration is not more than 4 or 5 hours depending on the fitness to play for FPS.

At the end of the day, or of war, COD: World at War is just a game killer. The action quickly, even if sometimes excessive, and the added advantage of movie star voice can really carry the film as a realistic sense. Do not take a copy of the war in the world is a blasphemy, every fan should play this COD, but it is not only a place to copy your Xbox hard drive.

T-Mobile Shadows is released, WiFi Calling included

Monday, February 02, 2009 10:18 PM

T-Mobile pushed out all the new HTC Shadow slide phone today. It's pretty much your standard Windows Mobile phone and with the exception of the ability to switch seamlessly between cellular calls and Hotspot. Pretty bad ass if you're a cheapo like me and plan to choose the lowest level. The remaining specifications including EDGE connectivity (yes, no 3G), video capture, Stills 2MP, Bluetooth (A2DP), microSD card slot, and music player.

The T-Mobile is now available in the shadow of 'Black Burgundy' and 'White Mint' $ 200 for 2 years after signing.

Video Watch with OLED Screen for only $100

Sunday, February 01, 2009 8:59 PM

For a wristwatch to be advised absolutely aberrant it should accept one of two things - the adeptness to comedy audio and video or some affectionate of advice functionality (like a congenital corpuscle phone). Well, you can absolutely put a big adventurous analysis mark in the "yes" cavalcade for the Video Watch with OLED Screen. With a abounding blush awning this watch displays video and images actual accurately with a 128x128 pixel resolution. The OLED awning is brittle and ablaze and the watch itself is decidedly able-bodied ample (not blubbery or bulky).

Audio is additionally accommodated actual nicely, with MP3/WMA playback and 6 blaster modes. A congenital microphone allows recording of addendum to self, meetings, conversations or assorted ramblings for after playback. Battery accuse via USB and sports a 7 hour comedy time (4 hours for video playback). Available with 8GB accumulator capacity.


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